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Defer Capital Gain Taxes on the Sale of Real Estate

1031 Asset Exchange

Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 is one of the single greatest wealth building tools available .

Who qualifies for the Section 1031 Exchange?

Owners of investment or business real estate may qualify for Section 1031 deferral of capital gains tax.  Individuals, C corporations, S corporations, partnerships (general or limited), limited liability companies, trusts and any other taxpaying entity may set up an exchange of business or investment real estate for business or investment properties under Section 1031.

Why Us?

Qualified Intermediary - U.S. Treasury Regulations specifically require the use of a Qualified Intermediary (QI) to facilitate a 1031 Exchange Process.  Asset Exchange of Oklahoma, LLC is a Qualified Intermediary.

Document Preparation -
We prepare all of the documents necessary to properly  complete your exchange.